Toll manufacturing

For chemical products or intermediates with established formulation, we work in close partnership with our customers to process chemicals on a contract or toll production basis to a customer’s own specification.​

  • As an independent, we have the flexibility to rapidly upscale projects from lab through pilot to small batch onto full commercial production. ​
  • Contract & Toll Production​
  • We have robust and diverse facilities with a range of unique capabilities to safety process chemicals to the strictest of specifications. ​
  • Our in-house technical and operational chemical engineers, along with our well-equipped analytical labs, drive value through innovation. ​
  • With a strong continuous improvement culture, we often deliver product development and optimisation for our customers’ projects. ​
  • Our facilities and expertise are available for testing new products or formula, enabling a faster route to market, without the large initial time and capital commitments. ​
  • Projects, processes and formulations are handled with the strictest of confidence, protecting our customers’ intellectual property.

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