Safety, health & environment

Safety is Our Highest Priority​
The safety of people who interact with our operations is our highest priority. ​


With a strong occupational Health & Safety and Process Safety culture and our proactive approach to managing safety, we are fully committed to conducting business in a safe and responsible manner.

Quality Control

  • Each site equipped with GC-FID & GC-MS, KF, IC​
  • DTA / DSC for safety assessment​
  • COA integrated to SAP business management software

Technical Services

  • Lab scale distillation columns with variety of plates and packing types, vacuum capabilities​
  • R&D Team focus on fundamental research into our business area, plant support as well as new product development​
  • Process Development – scale up of laboratory results to a safe, efficient process operation on any of our sites​
  • Continuous Improvement - European wide implementation of OEE tracking and other productivity tools


POLITICA AZIENDALE per un sistema integrato di qualità, sicurezza, ambiente