Chemical purification

Tradebe Chemicals are the European experts in chemical distillation and​ purification services from our specialist facilities across Europe. ​

We are reliable chemical purification partners to many leading chemical companies,​ generating maximum value and sustainable solutions. Utilising our operational excellence, technical expertise and knowledgeable team of chemical specialists, together with our adaptable processing plants, we deliver efficient, flexible and high-quality chemical purification.​

We offer simple, complex and multi-step chemical processing, as well as batch and continuous chemical production for an extensive range of chemicals.​

We source chemicals throughout Europe for purification. Chemicals can be processed in our plants located in the UK and Spain, Italy and future processing soon to be available in Germany. ​

Chemicals are processed to a high-quality grade product that meets an agreed specification. Our purified chemicals are made available all over the world via tanker, IBC, drum or small packaged units. Standard & bespoke chemical purification to a high specification. Large worldwide distribution network.​

How we work

We work as an integrated partner into production chain of our customers.

We are experienced at upscaling and processing chemicals to a strict specification and our plants are adaptable for producing or processing chemicals to a high specification. We can also assist with the optimization of processes, such as multi-step options

We can assist in lab –to-scale trials in order to develop and maximize distillation and chemical manufacturing techniques with our customers

Our approach:

  • Protect confidentiality with signed agreements
  • Initial project review:   product status (REACH, MSDS, custom, safety measures, physical and chemicals properties, corrosion, analytical caracterisation,…)
  • Process simulation and first cost estimation
  • Process development from laboratory analysis to R&D trials
  • Quality control
  • Validation of results (yield, purity, analytical methods aligned with customer requirements, impurity profiles, …
  • Samples submission for final customer approval
  • Industrialization of the process according to the preferred facilities
  • Final offer
  • Industrial production


  • 3 facilities
  • Industrial presence in 3 countries
  • 12 distillation units
  • 75 000t/y of authorized capacity
  • Multi purpose batches


  • Glass lined, stainless steel and Hastelloy equipments
  • Fractionation with up to 90 theoretical plates
  • Distillation under vacuum up to 50mm Hg
  • Boiling points up to 250°C
  • Melting point up to 50°C
  • Chemical purification by distillation
  • Raw material purification
  • Fractionation
  • Liquid-Liquid extraction
  • Esterification
  • Chemical transformation
  • cGMP Processes for top Pharma customer
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